Client Testimonials

CVISION Client Testimonials

“The PdfCompressor from CVISION has made a HUGE impact on the efficiency of our day to day operations.  Since we provide water and wastewater services throughout Limestone County, we receive construction drawings on a daily basis that can be anywhere from 25 to 700 MB.  Trying to view one of these files across a network can take a few minutes.  After using PdfCompressor, we had files that were originally over 500 MB (538,807 KB to be exact) compress to 399 KB…allowing us to access these files in seconds!!!!  We looked at other compression vendors and there is no one that can compete with these guys.” - Brent Brown, GIS Manager @ Limestone County Water and Sewer Authority

"We wanted to engage in a programme of OCR'ing our document base of approximately 60 million pages - in order to improve our user experience, and allow quick navigation to parts of documents. After investigating half-a-dozen commercial OCR products in the marketplace, we quickly identified CVista PdfCompressor as being the preferred option. PdfCompressor outshone its competitors in a number of ways: PdfCompressor was the fastest of the products we investigated; it seemed robust and intended for serverside 24x7 operation; PdfCompressor was easy to integrate into our processes (through a simple command line interface); it preserved rich content in our PDFs; and the compression features were a bonus for saving on storage and transmission costs." - Edward Gallimore, VP Imaging @ Commonwealth Bank of Australia

"I enthusiastically recommend CVISION Technology's PDF Compression software and service.  I was working on a project and needed a 20MB PDF file with a lot of photos compressed but wanted to make sure that the file retained its quality.  The PDF Compression Service at CVISION was fantastic!  Not only did they deliver an extremely high quality compression of my file and reduce its size to 1MB, they were also informative, professional, fast and friendly.  I will definitely recommend their service to my co-workers, business partners and friends."  - Unilever

"I would really like to commend your company on your product. The PdfCompressor works great. We have consistently achieved compression rates of 5-7 times. I am very impressed!" -  Deutsche Bank

"There are very few products that I swear by. Those few products allow me to do work better and with less time. CovR fits into this category. It has helped us cut down on filing hassles a thousand fold." -Mark Mourges @ Gordon, Feinblatt, Rothman, Hoffberger & Hollander, LLC, Read Case Study

"I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to you and every member of CVISION Technologies for the great product you developed and your very kind support to our troops in Iraq."Angie, an Army Wife, Read the Entire Letter

"As a developer, I really appreciated how easy it was to integrate with your app... I wish everyone I/we deal with was as responsive."
-  Stellent

"Very impressive, the PDF I am working with is 4.5 megs in size. I programmatically reduced it to 450 KB in size and I can't see any difference from the original. This is great... you have an incredible product. I have not found anything else that will allow this level of compression with an existing PDF."
 - G.W. @ State Auto

"Every media monitoring company could benefit from CVISION. The size of a color press-clip page was about 300 KB before we began using CVISION's PdfCompressor, which reduced the file size to about 130 KB. Further, CVISION gave us the full text-search capability we were looking for on the compressed PDF files. The staff has been very supportive in hekping us with the little problems we've encountered." -Thomas Studach @ Argus der Presse AG, Read Case Study

"Everything is working as expected. Both your product and customer service have been first-rate. Thanks!" - E.P. @ SPIE

"Your software is not only helping me to operate as a green company, but it is also helping me to save money. Without your software, this would not have been possible. Let me explain. I run a small/medium size family law firm. With the help of your software, we are now scanning and emailing all the documents to our clients. No more snail mail which was such a hassle before. Our clients love the response time we are providing with the new system. This alone has helped save our company a tremendous amount of time and money. Without your software, the files would simply be too big to email to clients because some of our files are 24 MB. However, thanks to your software, this is no longer a problem. We are also scanning and storing all of our closed client files electronically which is a much better option than having to pay to store hundreds of boxes each month. Not only is the software easy to use, but I don't even notice that it is running behind the scenes and compressing our documents." - Weinberger Law Group

“We have been using CVISION for years. When we first started in this business, we tested all the OCR engines available out there and CVISION tested the best. We decided to go with them and have been satisfied ever since.  Additionally, when we have an application that is “off the menu” we run it by CVSION for solution ideas and they have been just great.” - Pat Healy, Microsystems Inc 

"I have tried several popular OCR programs including OMNIPAGE, ABBYYFineReader and Adobe Acrobat. None of these programs performed well. All proved ill-suited for this large task. Their OCR time was extremely slow.They all caused computer hang ups when trying to do large batch OCR. Their text recognition was unacceptable, resulting in a garbled output page. It was not until I found your CVista PdfCompressor, that I thought this project was even possible. CVista PdfCompressor capabilities have proven outstanding. The program performs batch OCR's quickly. Text recognition, even on poor newspaper scans, is quite accurate. The output display mimics the input file with text underlay (not a garbled output page), which adds reader credibility and recognition to the file. This program stands headand shoulders above all of these other commercial programs."- Jim Jones @ Old Time Radio Research Group

"I downloaded your software yesterday after waiting 6 days to see if there was any alternative. I couldn’t find one... I first asked a local shop to scan the Bylaws. They gave me a color scan PDF file that was HUGE! Then I found another print shop that had a black & white scanner. The files were a lot smaller, but still too large. In desperation I downloaded your over-kill software and it was amazingly simple, and fun, to use. I think CVISION is the greatest thing since sliced bread" -  Elinor S. Pape, University Professor  

"We’re very happy with PdfCompressor.  It’s easy to use, and fulfills our current needs for file compression.  Daily I scan station logs for (5) channels that we must archive, and the .pdf file space gets dramatically reduced with this tool, putting far less of a burden on our server’s storage space." - Sheri, Q13 FOX (KCPQ-TV)

"Libraries are losing gate count. We have to make as many documents available as painlessly possible. To me, PdfCompressor is an essential tool for libraries. CVISION PdfCompressor streamlines the documents for our servers. It removed a technology roadblock that once existed. My dean is happy because faculty and students can get their documents seamlessly."
- Jill Horn @ California State University, Long Beach, Read Case Study