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I have a lot of documents stored in archives on microfiche, but as everything gets digitized, I really can’t work in that format anymore. Is there an easy way to convert everything to PDF? What’s the best way to store everything electronically?

This is a really common question that comes up a lot lately, as many organizations make the switch from hard documents to electronic copies. Digital archives have several advantages: they are easier to access and they save storage space. To convert microfiche to PDF, you need to use a scanner to get it in digital format. However, I would recommend that you also take an additional step. If you are thinking about long-term storage, you might want to convert the PDF file to PDF/A, which is a special type of PDF used for archives. PDF/A protects you from information loss associated with changes in software, and ensures that you will always be able to open the original documents, even if new software versions no longer support the original fonts and formatting. CVISION’s DocArchiver provides an easy solution for converting from regular PDF to PDF/A.

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