PDF Archive Format

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Is there a special PDF archive format that is better than regular PDF format? How is it different?

There is a type of PDF called PDF/A, which is used specifically for archiving purposes. You might wonder what makes a file format optimal for long-term storage. Since your goal is to preserve information over a long period of time, the most important thing is to ensure that your files are not lost as a result of changes in software that prevent the recognition of the original fonts and formatting. PDF/A ensures that your files are preserved forever by keeping all of the necessary formatting within the document itself, so you don’t have to rely on future software being compatible with the original. All you need to be able to open your files is a PDF/A reader. To convert your PDF documents into PDF/A, you can use DocArchiver. DocArchiver exists specifically for the purpose of creating an accessible, easy-to-use archive with all of your important PDF files.

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