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Jan 19

Very often in business, email correspondences are accompanied by a file attachment. While it’s possible to attach to an email any file format ( some not preferred by email clients ) the most common type is a document and the most common format is either Word or PDF. This post contains some advice on the best way to deliver documents via email.

When emailing documents, you have to be concerned about size, readability, and security. If the attachment is too large, you may not be able to email it at all. If the document is not readable, there is no point in sending it anyway. Finally, if it’s not secure, it might be re-purposed or stolen. When your document starts out in paper form, the challenges increase.

There is an ideal format and conversion settings to use when sending documents via email. Ideally you would scan your document in color for readability visually. This is not the only type of readability, you also want to make sure the documents are accessible for long periods of time. You would use optical character recognition ( OCR ) for the document’s ability to be indexed by a search utility. You would use a compression tool to convert that initially large color image into one that is manageable but the quality is not degraded, and finally you will use the PDF format to get all levels of security you choose.

The combination of a searchable, compressed, color PDF is the ideal method for emailing documents as attachments and ensuring their effectiveness and long-term usage.

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