Profit with the Ideal ASP Partner: CVISION

As an application service provider (ASP), you need to give your clients accuracy. Web hosts need real time backups. Corporate services need accurate and optimized scanning and searchable documents. You need to scan large volumes of documents quickly and accurately, giving your clients the services they need while minimizing your own costs.

CVISION makes it all happen —from scanning through conversion, compression, and indexing—with vital features like text searchability, auto redaction, cover page recognition, and Web optimization. Our product family is made for large scale production environments. We don’t crash if you give us millions of pages, because we know how to optimize every page you give us.  We even verify the scanning process as you go, minimizing your risk of disappointing a client. Our ASP clients have won bids because the CVISION scanning process is noticeably more accurate than the competition. Use our unique software to provide the best possible services for your clients:

• Our PDF compression technology makes file sizes manageable, moving documents efficiently and cost-effectively through office networks.
• PdfCompressor makes document storage, retrieval and presentation both secure and fast.
• Batch processing is available for high volume scanning.
• Documents become fully text-searchable with our super accurate OCR