Document Imaging Solutions for Education 

Educators process large quantities of documents and forms to keep institutions running smoothly and to give students the services that they need. Both inside and outside the classroom, texts need to be made available for widespread student use. From examination sheets to transcripts, educational institutions must analyze and securely store a variety of documents for each student, a daunting task without the proper organizational tools. The cyclical nature of education systems creates peak times during which offices are inundated with paperwork that needs to be processed immediately. Whether you work in a high school or a large university, you want to ensure that all of your students receive the best possible education.

CVISION offers solutions to help you handle large volumes of standardized documents, eliminating the need for slow, error-prone manual data entry. Instead of spending time and energy on dealing with paper documents, you can now take advantage of our automated tools to digitize documents and compress them to a manageable size. Now, you can be confident that all records are instantly at hand when you need them.

• Our PDF compression technology makes file sizes manageable, moving documents efficiently and cost-effectively between different offices in your institution.
• PdfCompressor makes document storage, retrieval and presentation both secure and fast

• Trapeze provides solutions for automated forms processing, automatically extracting relevant information from paper forms.
• Trapeze removes the hassle associated with manual data-entry, requiring fewer employees to be involved in the data-entry process.

Maestro Recognition Server
• Maestro provides a sever-based OCR solution, making scanned documents easier to manage, open, email, and search.
• Our OCR engine identifies text within scanned documents, allowing you to sort through students’ records quickly and accurately.
• The Batch OCR feature enables scanned documents to be processed quickly in large quantities

• DocArchiver lets you convert files into the secure and reliable PDF/A format, ensuring that your long-term student records will always view and print correctly.
• With PDF/A, you can avoid the risks associated with future changes in software, fonts, and display formats, preventing loss of valuable information.

"Libraries are losing gate count. We have to make as many documents available as painlessly possible. To me, PdfCompressor is an essential tool for libraries. CVISION PdfCompressor streamlines the documents for our servers. It removed a technology roadblock that once existed. My dean is happy because faculty and students can get their documents seamlessly." - Jill Horn @ California State University, Long Beach

"I downloaded your software yesterday after waiting 6 days to see if there was any alternative. I couldn’t find one... I first asked a local shop to scan the Bylaws. They gave me a color scan PDF file that was HUGE! Then I found another print shop that had a black & white scanner. The files were a lot smaller, but still too large. In desperation I downloaded your over-kill software and it was amazingly simple, and fun, to use. I think CVISION is the greatest thing since sliced bread" -  Elinor S. Pape, University Professor