Document Optimization and Archival Software Solutions for Government Agencies

CVISION provides document optimization and archival software for government agencies to improve their document processes. Document storage and retrieval are as essential as ever, since most government records still have significant lifespan. As organizations navigate the interactions between paper and electronic documents, government agencies need an efficient way to enter paper copies into electronic databases. Your organization’s records need the advantages offered through document optimization and archival software solutions. With CVISION, government agencies can produce image documents far more efficient to access, search, store and archive.

Quick and accurate conversion of paper documents into an electronic format is crucial. Compression and Web optimization of those digital files make transfer, retrieval and display that much faster. Adding text-search ability to your digital documents can transform client-based document searches from onsite to online, minimizing costs and delivery time. CVISION’s unique family of document optimization and archival software solutions is making life easier for government agencies and the vendors that serve government clients.

CVISION offers government agencies software solutions including:
• Document Efficiency – create image documents far smaller for more efficient accessing transmission. 
• Text Search Ability (OCR) – advanced OCR for more reliable text searches.
• PDF Conversions – convert all documents into PDF (or PDF/A) 
• Reduce Storage Costs – advanced compression technology reduces uploading and downloading time to 1/10th of the time it would normally take
• Document Archival – convert into PDF/A for long-term access

Would your agency benefit?
1. Would your agency benefit from documents that are easier to access, store, and transmit?
2. Would employees benefit from having image documents and reliable text searches with OCR?
3. Would your organization benefit from converting documents into PDF/A to ensure they look the same in the future?

• Our PDF compression technology makes file sizes manageable, moving documents efficiently and cost-effectively through office networks.
• PdfCompressor makes document storage, retrieval and presentation both secure and fast.
• PdfCompressor features the most accurate OCR engine for improving text searchability. 

Maestro Recognition Server
• Maestro provides a server-based OCR solution, making scanned documents easier to manage, open, email, and search.
• Our OCR engine identifies text within scanned documents, allowing you to sort through text quickly and accurately. 
• The Batch OCR feature enables scanned documents to be processed quickly in large quantities