Document Solutions for the Legal Industry

Documents drive the legal profession. Court documents, legal briefs, discovery documents and depositions come together to make an ocean of paper in most law offices. You need to be able to access and search through a large volume of documents, a difficult and time-consuming task when dealing with hard copies. In addition, you want to avoid the hassle of sending 100-page scanned files by email and seeing them bounce back.

In order to digitize your files quickly and effectively, you need to use a manageable file size, while making sure that the documents are easy to handle. With CVISION’s solutions, you retain all of the benefits of paper documents while saving time and space, and adding the convenience of electronic searching. CVISION’s products provide efficient, innovative solutions for moving into the digital realm:

Automatic Document Filing – By utilizing cover sheets in your scanning process, you can create, name, classify, and route case documents for filing into a document management system.
Convert legal documents into text-searchable PDFs– Through highly accurate OCR, you can create text-searchable PDFs to quickly and accurately locate text or phrases within your documents. Our OCR allows you to quickly find document, page and line location of words or phrases related to a case.
Bates Stamping – Create Bates stamps or Watermarks to automatically produce date and page numbers for scanned documents.

• Our PDF compression technology makes file sizes manageable, moving documents efficiently and cost-effectively through office networks.
• PdfCompressor makes document storage, retrieval and presentation both secure and fast.

• Trapeze provides solutions for automated forms processing, automatically extracting relevant information from paper forms.
• Trapeze removes the hassle associated with manual data-entry, requiring fewer employees to be involved in the data-entry process.

Maestro Recognition Server
• Maestro provides a sever-based OCR solution to create searchable PDFs.
• Our OCR engine identifies text within scanned documents, allowing you to sort through and edit the text.
• The Batch OCR feature enables scanned documents to be processed quickly in large quantities

• DocArchiver lets you convert files into the secure and reliable PDF/A format, ensuring that your long-term documents will always view and print correctly.
• With PDF/A, you can avoid the risks associated with future changes in software, fonts, and display formats, preventing loss of valuable information.

Client Feedback:
"The compression capabilities we get from CVISION means one of our lawyers can easily take two to three thousand pages of documents off a database, download it to a laptop, and work on a case on the plane. Attorneys at remote trial sites can access documents from our office very quickly. Clients can easily retrieve and view documents relevant to their cases. That's exactly the kind of document portability we needed." Matthew Roeder - Imaging Technology Analyst, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP