Scanning Bureaus

CVISION Solutions for Scanning Bureaus

If your company provides document archiving or scanning services, we'd like you to try a free evaluation copy of CVISION's PdfCompressor. PdfCompressor’s compression services allow you to create a PDF, index a PDF and then search a PDF—three vital advantages for your archive file needs.

With PdfCompressor, scanning bureaus can deliver any digital archive file as a compressed, fully-text searchable PDF document. Superior PDF compression means what used to take 100 CDs now takes only one CD, with no loss in image quality.

You can save time and money when you use PdfCompressor for document archiving. Here’s how:

• Scan to PDF, then compress without losing image quality— compress color PDFs up to 100x smaller, or bitonal PDFs up to 10x smaller.
• Search a PDF when you create a digital archive—PdfCompressor's OCR creates text-searchable PDFs that are far superior to TIFFs.
• Designate "watched folders" to automatically apply PDF compression to incoming files.
• Index a PDF when you convert TIFF to PDF—If you're scanning to TIFF, PdfCompressor converts TIFF files to PDF. When you index the PDF, your files will be viewable by anyone with Adobe Reader.

Compress Images to Reduce Internet Transmission Time
With CVISION's PDF compression services software, scanned documents are compressed to a fraction of their original size. This allows for rapid Internet transmission and very efficient document archiving. Plus, CVISION's technology enables you to convert TIFF, PDF, JPEG and many other file formats to compressed PDF. If you offer web-hosting as a service to clients, PdfCompressor reduces your web-hosting costs.

You can also use PDF compression technology as a sales tool when competing for large-scale government and corporate digital archive projects

What's more, PdfCompressor enables you to transmit millions of compressed PDF scanned documents for offshore coding at a fraction of the time and telecommunications cost of sending uncompressed files.

• Our PDF compression technology makes file sizes manageable, moving documents efficiently and cost-effectively between different offices in your institution.
• PdfCompressor makes document storage, retrieval and presentation both secure and fast

• Trapeze provides solutions for automated forms processing, automatically extracting relevant information from paper forms.
• Trapeze removes the hassle associated with manual data-entry, requiring fewer employees to be involved in the data-entry process.

Maestro Recognition Server
• Maestro provides a sever-based OCR solution, making scanned documents easier to manage, open, email, and search.
• Our OCR engine identifies text within scanned documents, allowing you to sort through students’ records quickly and accurately.
• The Batch OCR feature enables scanned documents to be processed quickly in large quantities

• DocArchiver lets you convert files into the secure and reliable PDF/A format, ensuring that your long-term student records will always view and print correctly.
• With PDF/A, you can avoid the risks associated with future changes in software, fonts, and display formats, preventing loss of valuable information.