Web Repositories

Web PDF Repositories: Your Solution for Easy Archive File Management

Archive file management can be a smooth process. It’s as easy as setting up a process to archive a PDF in a Web PDF repository with CVISION PdfCompressor. Here’s how:

Shrink PDF
PDF compression is the next step in preparing a file for your Web PDF repository. Once any file is converted to PDF, you can compress the PDF with PdfCompressor and shrink the file size without losing quality. You can reduce PDF files over 90%--and you'll regain 90% of your storage space.

Scan to PDF

PDF is the most universally viewable file format. If you scan to PDF, you ensure that people can view your files. Begin by converting JPEG to PDF, TIFF to PDF, or any of ten other file formats to PDF. It’s simple with the PDF converter in Pdf Compressor.

A Simple Example of Archive File Management with PdfCompressor
Suppose you have a TIFF file. You’d begin by converting TIFF to PDF format with PdfCompressor’s PDF converter. Then you’d compress the PDF using CVISION’s proven PDF compression. The result? By preparing your TIFF file to become a Web PDF archive file with PdfCompressor, you have better text-search capability and your files will be universally viewable. You also save storage space as you archive a PDF, and transmission time when you download the file.

Compressed PDF Transmits Faster
As file sizes increase, clients with either high-speed Internet connections or simple dial-up connections want faster download times. In fact, often clients with 56 kbps connections won't wait up to a minute to download a six-page file. Increasing transmission speed over 90% using PDF compression can save a company both time and money—and keep their clients happy. 

PdfCompressor Does it All for You
CVISION's PdfCompressor does it all. Now, you can convert, compress and archive a PDF file quickly and easily. Streamline your archive file management with the ease of a PDF converter and PDF compression offered in a single solution. Your clients will be able to receive a six-page file in less than six seconds!