Focus Your Digital Media Management for Financial Services with CVISION

Whether the document is a two-page account statement or a 500-page mortgage transaction, your bank must deliver accurate, near-instant records to clients and staff. That’s why major financial institutions around the world use CVISION for Check 21 and SEC-compliant digital media management. Banks must constantly meet demands for increased speed, accuracy and accessibility. Your tasks range from imaging and storing bank statements to backing up emails and faxes to providing real-time backups of corporate data for your business customers. You receive huge quantities of paperwork daily, which must be entered into electronic databases. This means dealing with large volumes of both paper and electronic data. Banking professionals like you depend on CVISION’s products for PDF compression, precise scans and format conversions, fast document transmission, secure and simple access, and efficient storage:

Maestro Recognition Server
• Maestro provides a sever-based OCR solution, making scanned documents easier to manage, open, email, and search.
• Our OCR engine identifies text within scanned documents, allowing you to sort through text quickly and accurately.
• The Batch OCR feature enables scanned documents to be processed quickly in large quantities

• Trapeze provides solutions for automated forms processing, automatically extracting relevant information from paper forms.
• Trapeze removes the hassle associated with manual data-entry, requiring fewer employees to be involved in the data-entry process.

• Our PDF compression technology makes file sizes manageable, moving documents efficiently and cost-effectively through office networks.
• PdfCompressor makes document storage, retrieval and presentation both secure and fast.

• DocArchiver lets you convert files into the secure and reliable PDF/A format, ensuring that your long-term documents will always view and print correctly.
• With PDF/A, you can avoid the risks associated with future changes in software, fonts, and display formats, preventing loss of valuable information.

"We wanted to engage in a programme of OCR'ing our document base of approximately 60 million pages - in order to improve our user experience, and allow quick navigation to parts of documents. After investigating half-a-dozen commercial OCR products in the marketplace, we quickly identified CVista PdfCompressor as being the preferred option. PdfCompressor outshone its competitors in a number of ways: PdfCompressor was the fastest of the products we investigated; it seemed robust and intended for serverside 24x7 operation; PdfCompressor was easy to integrate into our processes (through a simple command line interface); it preserved rich content in our PDFs; and the compression features were a bonus for saving on storage and transmission costs." - Edward Gallimore, VP Imaging, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

"I would really like to commend your company on your product. The PdfCompressor works great. We have consistently achieved compression rates of 5-7 times. I am very impressed!" - Deutsche Bank