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Join CVISION for a free webinar on Thursday, March 8, 2012, 2:30PM – 3:00 PM ET. To join the webinar or for more information email: info (at)  

Optimize EMC Captiva’s InputAccel with enhanced OCR, Compression & Security

EMC Captiva’s InputAccel transforms paper into business-ready content but does not account for some of the inefficiencies end-users encounter when working with scanned paper. These issues can be resolved with PdfOptimizer, now available directly from EMC via their EMC® Select Program. This webinar will discuss solutions available to optimize the images produced by EMC Captiva’s InputAccel and the benefits of these technologies.

Topics include:

•Creating smaller, more efficient paper-based documents through PDF conversion, file compression, and web optimization
•Improving OCR accuracy recognition rates – doing it faster, less expensively, and without the need for additional hardware
•Case Study: Creating a more efficient InputAccel workflow
•Live Demonstration of PdfOptimizer for Captiva InputAccel