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Comprehensive PDF OCR, Compression and Conversion Solutions

Thanks to ongoing discovery and advancements in PDF OCR, compression, and conversion technology, CVISION leads the way in digital document and image management solutions. We can help you convert PDF, TIFF, and JPEG files into compressed, Web-optimized and text-searchable PDF files. In converting with CVISION's PdfCompressor, file sizes decrease by an order of magnitude. 

The benefits from PDF conversion and compression include greatly reduced storage requirements and substantially shorter download times. Further, our PDF OCR engine can quickly and accurately provide the textual content of your documents and images.  CVISION's software provides leading edge PDF compression, empowering companies to save time and money. CVISION is the first company to enable color image compression at a 100:1 ratio with no loss in quality. The outstanding PDF writing capabilities in PdfCompressor guarantee that all files produced are compatible with Adobe Reader 5.0 and higher while retaining important document metadata, such as bookmarks and hyperlinks.

PDF Compression Products
CVISION sets the new standard for color image compression with PdfCompressor. Compress JPEG, TIFF, PDF, and 12 additional file formats up to 100 times smaller than their standard file size. Our highly tuned JBIG2 compression algorithms provide unparallelled compression for bitonal documents and images.  

PDF OCR Software
CVISION uses the latest OCR techniques while also discovering OCR methods of our own through our ongoing OCR research. CVISION's PDF OCR engine provides remarkable speed and accuracy that one must experience to believe. CVISION PDF OCR and conversion creates a seamless pipeline for transitioning your existing documents and images into a more compact, more easily searchable format. With our watched folder and batch modes the process is practically work free.

Image Viewer
CVISION offers a universal viewer for virtually every image format you use. View TIFF, PDF, JPEG, BMP, GIF and 12 other formats all with CView 3.0. In addition to local viewing, CView also allows for remote batch viewing and printing, annotation, redaction, and text searchability in addition to other features including those offered in standard image viewers like zoom, rotate and pan capabilities. Available as a web browser plug-in or a standalone application, CView is the complete solution to your viewing needs.

Application Development Tools
Integrate CVISION's compression technology into your custom applications with the CVista API Toolkit.