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CVISION is pleased to announce a new partnership in France with BSV Electronic Publishing. BSV specializes in Paper Scanning, Document Management and Content-based access has offices in Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium.

BSV is in the process of translating PdfCompressor into French in order to distribute CVISION's product throughout France and the French speaking countries of Europe and Africa.

Benoit TIRARD, CEO of BSV Electronic Publishing, comments: "There is an undeniable need for PdfCompressor in France. Numerous companies today face the inconveniences of not being able to share files because they're too heavy and take too long to send or open. PdfCompressor will become a liberating tool for companies to use, share and archive valuable information".

André COLLIN, Product Manager, mentions: "One of the first things that appealed to us in CVISION Technologies is their drive to revolutionize compression, whether bitonal or color. PdfCompressor is a wonderful tool. It is simple to use, efficient, fast, and the quality of its compression is impressive".

You can find out more about BSV Electronic Publishing by visiting

If you are interested in contacting CVISION about reseller opportunities within Europe, please email Ken Chassin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.