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Delivers 5-to-1 Compression of PDF Images

New York, NY – January 15, 2002 - CVISION Technologies, LLC, developers of intelligent imaging solutions that simplify and enhance the usability of scanned documents, today announced support of the JBIG2 compression standard within the PDF file format. This new development will allow users to create PDF images that are viewable in Adobe Acrobat Reader and are up to 5x smaller than PDFs created with Adobe Acrobat. These CVISION-produced PDFs will allow users to transmit five pages in the time it formerly took to transfer a single page. Images also store smaller, and tests prove the new images have no perceptible loss of image clarity even when magnified 15x!

"CVISION has always been the leader in captured image compression," says Steve Talmud, VP of Sales. "With this development, CVISION offers its clients the ability to compress scanned PDF images dramatically and still provide an industry-standard format. Clients can now enjoy all the advantages of compression without the need to install a proprietary viewer.”

CVISION Technologies has released a white paper which describes this technology in greater detail. A side-by-side comparison of industry-standard TIFF G4 and TIFF-encoded PDF files with JBIG2 and JBIG2-encoded PDF files is available on the CVISION website.

CVista also allows clients the option to compress to CVISION’s proprietary format, CIF. The CIF format provides additional benefits including compression of up to 20:1 on captured images, fully searchable images with no increased file size, annotation and redaction.

“Our technology already compresses virtually any format or type,” continued Mr. Talmud. “TIFF, PDF, JPG, JPEG 2000, GIF, and handwritten correspondence in bitonal, grayscale, and color are all supported. With CVista 2.0, documents of all types transmit faster and are more usable than ever before, thanks to our search, annotation, redaction and hyperlinking capability. And users with confidentiality concerns will appreciate our auto-redaction feature, which allows users to search for a word in a single- or multi-page document and automatically redact each instance of that word in the document. Clients who work with legal or financial documents should find the auto-redaction feature particularly useful. And our ability to convert TIFF images to searchable PDF files provides our clients with a capability that was previously cost-prohibitive."