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CVISION Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced today that it would provide a not-for-profit organization PdfCompressor to compress their data in order to reduce operation costs associated with shipping their annual membership package.

The organization faced a difficult challenge in communicating information to their clients, as the information they wanted to disseminate was too large for the DVD disc they planned to send to their clients.

In approaching this dilemma, the not-for-profit conducted a cost-benefit analysis. They wanted to determine whether it would be more cost effective to provide their clients a second disc or instead purchase CVISION’s PdfCompressor. In providing their clients a second disc, the organization would have to purchase extra discs, packaging, and labor. The not-for-profit decided that CVISION’s software was more cost-effective than providing their clients a second disc. In addition, the software’s quick processing speed would help them meet their rigid deadlines.

The not-for-profit organization purchased CVISION’s PdfCompressor for this one-time project. PdfCompressor features high volume file compression and PDF conversion. It creates condensed and efficient PDF files that would allow the organization to provide their clients all the information they wanted to provide on a single disc.

After purchasing CVISION’s PdfCompressor, the not-for-profit realized that they would have a surplus of pages leftover. They quickly realized, however, that they could use PdfCompressor for many recurring business needs. The organization has even expressed interest in purchasing a monthly license after their current battery becomes exhausted.

Tom McCullough, the National Account Manager at CVISION Technologies, proclaimed, “It’s rewarding to be able to provide solutions to our clients that immediately reduce costs in today’s economic climate. Our compression capabilities were able to alleviate the need to double the organization’s production costs for their annual membership package.”