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CVISION Technologies Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced today that it will provide an international engineering and construction firm with a solution to improve the accessibility of their image documents. The firm purchased 20 licenses of Maestro Recognition Server to process an unlimited number of pages.

The engineering and construction firm undertakes diverse projects for both government and commercial customers all around the world. The vast amount of projects that the firm performed necessitated a large volume of documents that needed to be kept track of. To increase the accessibility of their documents the firm wanted to make them searchable through OCR. They evaluated several software solutions but found that many of them failed to process a high number of pages, while others lacked a responsive support team. In the end, the firm turned to CVISION Technologies and their high volume OCR product, the Maestro Recognition Server.

Unlike the other software tools, Maestro was able to process a very high volume of documents without hassle. CVISION also had a knowledgeable support staff that provided helpful and timely aid. The support team at CVISION helped integrate Maestro with the firm’s Google Search Appliance. This resulted in the greatly increased accessibility of all documents, which could be easily located by the appliance, while the text searchability of the documents led to shorter search times.

Maestro Recognition Server is a powerful OCR solution that enhances the accessibility of image documents by converting them into text searchable PDF files. Maestro offers four different output modes that can cater to real-time speed or high accuracy. The software is highly versatile and can batch process large amounts of documents effectively.

Reh Hassan, a national account manager at CVISION Technologies, said, “Using OCR, companies can improve their existing business processes. Having fully text searchable documents allows employees to work in a quicker, more organized manner that will benefit company workflow.”