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CVISION Technologies Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced today that it will provide a global engineering firm with a document imaging solution to improve the accessibility of their image documents. The firm leased a license of PdfCompressor with OCR to process up to 1 million pages.

The engineering firm specializes in agricultural and rural development projects that are both beneficial and sustainable. Having worked with a variety of clients worldwide, the firm had built up large archives of documents containing project information. These documents were mostly in paper form, making them difficult to store and retrieve. To resolve the issue, the firm decided to migrate their documents into electronic format to make them more accessible. After testing different software solutions, the firm decided that CVISION’s PdfCompressor with OCR was the best fit for them.

PdfCompressor with OCR is a versatile software solution that combines dramatic file compression with highly accurate OCR. The compression reduces documents to a minimal size without affecting image quality, and outputs the results as PDF. The OCR converts them into fully text searchable files, allowing for easier searches. Using PdfCompressor with OCR, the firm was able to successfully transition towards using electronic documents that are both accessible and efficient.

Chris Koulouris, marketing director at CVISION Technologies, said, “Compression and OCR are compelling technologies for any company that wants to operate more efficiently in a paperless environment. CVISION’s PdfCompressor with OCR can make documents easier to access, store, and email, which greatly improves workflow on all levels.”