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CVISION Technologies Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced today that it will provide a government agency a document optimizing solution. The agency purchased a license of PdfCompressor with OCR to process up to 25,000 pages per month.

The government agency is tasked with handling logistics information and cataloging certain equipment. As a result it has a high volume of documents that need to be accessed in an efficient manner. To improve their document retrieval the agency turned to CVISION Technologies. By using PdfCompressor with OCR the agency was able to not only compress their files but make them text searchable as well. With these changes the documents could be transferred and retrieved quickly, and information within them could be located instantly.

PdfCompressor with OCR is a robust document capture solution that combines advanced compression software with powerful recognition technology. The compression can reduce both color and black and white documents to their minimal size while the OCR can accurately convert them into text searchable files. With both technologies documents become more accessible and efficient.