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CVISION Technologies Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced today that it will provide a large public university with a solution to further optimize their documents. The university purchased an upgrade of PdfCompressor with OCR to increase the number of pages processed from 25,000 to 75,000 pages per month.

The university originally bought a license of PdfCompressor with OCR from CVISION Technologies to process up to 25,000 pages a month. The software was utilized within their library system to improve the accessibility of their electronic and image documents. Prior to investing in CVISION, the university library had difficulty uploading and retrieving files because of their size. After making good use of their original license and evaluating other software possibilities, the university decided to purchase an upgrade that would enable them to process a higher number of documents. Using the software, the university was able to create compressed and searchable files for the benefit of students and faculty alike.

PdfCompressor with OCR is a software solution designed to optimize image documents. By combining powerful compression with high accuracy OCR, the software is able to create files that are easier to access, transmit, and email. PdfCompressor with OCR is compatible with a variety of file formats and can perform batch processing to enhance multiple documents at once.

Chris Koulouris, Marketing Director at CVISION Technologies, said, “In today’s fast paced environment it is absolutely essential to be able to access and retrieve documents. Compression and OCR can optimize documents so that anyone can open or send them with little difficulty.”