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CVISION Technologies releases Maestro 6.0, an industrial-strength PDF converter & OCR solution
CVISION Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of software to automate and optimize document-driven workflows and business processes, announced today the release of Maestro Recognition Server 6.0. The new release of Maestro is engineered and designed as an industrial strength for corporate scanning and OCR needs.

CVISION’s Maestro is a flexible PDF converter and OCR solution that can be seamlessly integrated into an organization’s existing document workflows. Maestro generates higher quality PDF files to make an organization’s document workflow more efficient. Maestro au¬tomates the OCR process with watched folder capabilities, allowing users to automatically process documents. To accommodate large volume scanning, the batch OCR feature within Maestro enables scanned documents to be processed at a real-time rate. 

By leveraging Maestro, organizations can convert all scanned documents into fully text-searchable PDF files for easier and quicker access. With OCR accuracy results tested to be 5%-10% more accurate than leading OCR engines, the OCR engine within Maestro is the most accurate OCR product available. High accuracy recognition rates are achieved by leveraging advanced image processing techniques including: re-sampling, foreground and background separation, auto-rotation, and font learning. Maestro’s OCR can support up to 118 OCR languages and OCR input of 11 different file formats including TIFF and PDF. More accurate OCR translates into greater efficiency in managing scanned documents.

Maestro 6.0 New Features: 
• Improved OCR & PDF conversion for high-volume processing
• Better integration into SharePoint document workflows
• Support for 118 OCR languages 
• Automatic updates to leverage the most up-to-date software maintenance
• New user interface for increased functionality and usability
• Increased user control with an interactive running command line
• Improved auto-rotation for higher quality PDF files

To learn more about Maestro 6.0, please contact CVISION directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..