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CVISION Technologies Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced today that its revenue for the year of 2011 was 25% higher than its 2010 revenue. This strong growth was largely fueled by CVISION’s high value document automation solutions, used by clients across a wide range of industries.

CVISION attributes this growth to its ability to produce effective solutions that focus on automating larger document processes. Despite the stagnant economy, CVISION’s products continued to resonate with clients throughout 2011. In particular, CVISION’s Trapeze for automated invoice processing, forms processing, and automated data extraction proved to be compelling for many clients. Trapeze is a powerful automation solution that streamlines invoice and forms processing, eliminating manual data entry and allowing companies to realize significant returns.

Even as CVISION developed its focus on document automation, it continued to provide its mainstay products of file compression, file conversion, and OCR. These document capture solutions are used by businesses around the world and help create the most efficient and accessible PDF files.

CVISION expects revenue growth to continue in 2012 with the introduction of additional automated document processing solutions. As a leader in the document capture industry, CVISION is fully committed to improving the document workflow of clients through its expert knowledge and cutting edge technology. CVISION expects to make further advancements in the areas of invoice processing, forms processing, and mailroom automation for 2012.

Chris Koulouris, Director of Marketing at CVISION Technologies, said, “The increase in revenue that we have experienced is a testament to how compelling our products really are. As always, CVISION is dedicated to providing the most efficient and effective document capture solutions to a diverse range of users. We hope to continue this success during 2012 by taking on projects that will further demonstrate the value of our solutions.”