Recent News and Events

CVISION Technologies will be sponsoring an AIIM webinar on October 13th, 2010 at 2pm. The webinar is entitled: Capture to Communicate. The event is free to attend, and available online on attendee’s desktops.

Webinar will discuss: 

With the enormous improvements in document and data capture capabilities; we can now appreciate the business case for thinking beyond static scanning for archival reasons.  It has become pretty clear that, by "scanning to process" organizations are automating many core business functions -- and realizing cost savings and new efficiencies as a result.  What may not be quite so obvious is the role that capture plays in communication, and the 2-way exchange of business critical information between customers, colleagues, and partners.  To truly automate processes and minimize the need for manual intervention, organizations must consider both inbound and outbound communication channels.  Join us as we discuss new technologies and techniques for integrating information arising in paper, fax and electronic formats for exchange back to customers and partners in the format most appropriate for them.

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