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CVISION Technologies will be sponsoring an AIIM webinar on February 11, 2009. The webinar is entitled Paper That Works – Get Started With Distributed Capture. The event is free to attend, and can be viewed on your computer.

AIIM Event information:
Centralized imaging of large volumes of documents can deliver tremendous cost savings for organizations. Yet, centralized paper processing is not the right answer for everyone all the time. As multi-function peripherals (and desktop scanners) have proliferated, the ability to capture paper documents at the source—getting them to work for you faster—is available to any organization. Discover how to get started with distributed capture—and why you should.
Join us to learn how to get started with capturing documents at the source, addressing issues such as:
• Compliance
• Security
• Change management and training
• How to make it as easy as possible
• Quality control and more

To register, visit AIIM’s website:

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