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CVISION to present at AIIM Webinar

CVISION Technologies will be sponsoring and speaking at an AIIM webinar on March 4th, 2009. The webinar is entitled Tips and Tricks to Help You Automate your Office Documents (for Effective Data Capture). The event is free to attend, and available online on attendee’s desktops.

AIIM Event information:

One of the basic steps to automate the processing of your office documents is to scan them.  A key part of the capture process is recognition. Recognition accuracy—how well the analog document is converted to digital—is a key part of making your capture process as efficient as possible. The more accurate your capture process is, the fewer exceptions you will have to scan over, re-key, or just plain risk having incorrect data imported into your IT systems.

Join us for tips and tricks (and a bit of strategy) as we walk you through steps you can take to ensure your capture process is as accurate as it can be:

• Identify the types of documents you need to capture
• The benefits of color scanning
• Designing documents for improved recognition
• Advanced image processing techniques for improved accuracy

We’ll also highlight how improved recognition efficiency can impact your bottom line

To register, visit AIIM’s website:

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