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CVISION Technologies, a leading provider of software to optimize the accessibility and processes associated with document capture, announced today that it will release a new version of PdfOptimizer for InputAccel during the early first quarter of 2012. 

PdfOptimizer for InputAccel creates the most efficient image files through a powerful combination of compression and OCR, while integrating with EMC Captiva’s InputAccel. Using the latest in compression technology, the software can dramatically reduce the size of scanned files and then convert them into compressed, searchable, standard PDFs. The compression performs equally well on both color and black and white files, ensuring consistent quality regardless of the file type.

To complement the compression function, PdfOptimizer for InputAccel also offers highly accurate OCR which can be customized to suit the user’s needs. The OCR is available in four modes, including Most Accurate and Real-Time, allowing the user to modify the degree of speed or accuracy with which the software will run. With OCR, the scans can be converted into fully text searchable and editable files which greatly improve information search times. 

The end result is a set of compressed, searchable PDFs that can easily be accessed, viewed, transferred, and emailed. PdfOptimizer for InputAccel will be available during the first quarter of 2012.