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Learn how you can optimize your document management processes for paper capture, scanning accuracy, file size reduction, long-term archiving, Web optimization, universal viewability and much more. CVISION's "Capture, Convert, Archive, & Optimize to PDF" Webinar demonstrates how CVISION's industry-leading PdfCompressor can help bring these advantages and more to your business. Discover the remarkable efficiencies, increased productivity, faster transmission, document access, and corporate ROI you can leverage through this remarkable technology at the webinar, and how others have used it to their advantage!

CVISION's "Capture, Convert, Archive, & Optimize to PDF" Webinar shows you:

  • Advantages of using PDF in distributed, web-hosted databases.
  • Tradeoffs between document retention in PDF vs. other file formats, i.e, TIFF, Word, & JPEG.
  • Which format is optimal for your document imaging needs.
  • Risks of automated document conversion between electronic file formats (e.g., Word to PDF).
  • IT design considerations for corporate document archiving.
  • How to certify your documents as PDF/A compliant.