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CVISION Technologies Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced today that it will provide a global financial data processing company with an automated redaction solution. The company purchased a license of Trapeze to redact sensitive information from over 8 million pages per year.

The company handled a large volume of documents on a daily basis that contained sensitive information, including credit card numbers. The information needed to be redacted from the documents in an efficient manner. Prior to CVISION, redaction was a slow and inaccurate process, resulting in incomplete and faulty data removal. With Trapeze, sensitive data was quickly identified and redacted. Unlike many other redaction systems, Trapeze both physically blots out the data and removes the data underneath for full security. 

Trapeze is an automation solution used by many businesses to streamline their document processing. The main benefit of using automation is that it reduces dependency on manual labor and greatly expedites tasks such as data entry. Powered by a highly accurate OCR engine, Trapeze delivers both accurate and reliable document processing.

Chris Koulouris, Marketing Director at CVISION Technologies, stated, “Businesses that need to perform redaction on their documents require the most reliable methods for doing so. Trapeze is a robust and versatile solution that can ensure efficient data redaction in an automated environment.”