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Cover Recognition and Conversion Validation Options Spark Excitement for CVISION'S 3.1 Release of PdfCompressor Professional Edition

CVISION has announced the v3.1 release of its flagship PdfCompressor Professional Edition.

"For the last 3 years PdfCompressor has been the only world class compression product for financial, legal and other industries where accuracy is critical," says CVISION's Steve Talmud. "This new v3.1 release demonstrates that we are intent on not just staying ahead, but increasing the gap."

PdfCompressor Professional Edition v3.1 brings a host of user-pleasing new features that include:

  • Support for multi-threading
  • New OCR engine with support for 60 languages
  • Turbo OCR for added OCR accuracy
  • Multidirectional OCR
  • OCR zoning
  • Auto-smoothing for both B&W and color images
  • Auto-cropping
  • Auto-rotation
  • Decompression to PostScript
  • More compact JBIG2 file size
  • Enhanced color compression
  • Support for international Windows OS platforms

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Cover recognition module (CovR)
  • Conversion validation module (ICert)

PdfCompressor optional CovR and ICert modules have garnered special attention from CVISION customers. The ICert (Independent Certification) module offers an automated proofing system of the file conversion process. ICert is far more than just another result-sampling process. It opens the original and the converted documents, examines them for accuracy, and certifies the comparison to within a specified tolerance. ICert operates across various input file formats, including TIFF, BMP, PDF, and JPEG. The standalone module generates a complete log of any discrepancies between the pre- and post-conversion datasets. The result? The hassle and anxiety of file conversion proofing is gone.

The possibilities available using the v3.1 release don't end there. CVISION's optional CovR (Cover Recognition) module groups and names output files based on information printed on inserted cover sheets. Features of the new CovR module include: automatic cover sheet detection, invariance to scanning resolution, support for color, greyscale, and bitonal files, multipage TIFF conversion to distinct PDF or TIFF files, and watched folder support.

"CovR was created from the expressed needs of some of our customers," said CVISION's Ralph Cafiero. "It offers our users one more way to simplify and automate their file recognition and conversion processes."

CVISION invites you to experience the power of PdfCompressor Professional Edition v3.1 through a no-risk trial download. Visit now, or call a CVISION representative to discuss the possibilities of v3.1 for your compression needs.

Powerful Value Added Color Compression Technology Comes to a Desktop Near You: CVISION's PdfCompressor Desktop Edition 3.0

What if you're not in need of "industrial strength" compression? What if you don't mind compressing each of your files individually? What if you simply need a single-user desktop compression application, or your files don't exceed 100 pages each?

Then CVISION's PdfCompressor Desktop Edition v3.0 might be the perfect fit for you. This v3.0 release empowers lower-volume users to:

  • Convert TIFF, PDF, JPEG, and other file formats into super-compressed, 100% standard PDF files
  • Compress captured color documents up to 100x smaller than JPG
  • Compress captured bitonal documents up to 10x smaller than either TIFF Group 4 or standard G4-encoded PDF
  • Compress fully-electronic generated PDFs
  • Create text-searchable PDF image + text format with compressed hidden text layer
  • Web-Optimize generated and captured PDFs for fast Internet-based viewing
  • Date Stamp, Bates Stamp and Watermark your PDF files
  • View and Print Protect your files with 128-bit encryption
  • Set viewer preferences (single column, multicolumn, author, title, full screen mode, etc)
  • Maintain embedded structure (text, hyperlinks and bookmarks)
  • Use optional JBIG2 halftoning for scanned newspaper, magazine, and e-book PDF conversions
  • Make searchable PDFs, with OCR support for seventeen languages
  • Improve the image of captured PDFs (cleaning, smoothing, deskewing, despeckling, resampling, quantization and color remapping)
  • Deploy extensive parameter tuning capabilities for the Advanced User, such as auto MMR coding

CVISION offers Desktop v3.0 in two versions, one with OCR capability and the other without. If you're ready for the power of CVISION compression in a package to meet your budget, check out PdfCompressor Desktop Edition v3.0 today, and try our risk-free trial download.

When Time is of the Essence, CVISION Compression Delivers Transmission Speed Up for BurrellesLuce News Express

The Express media monitoring service of BurrellesLuce starts with a sophisticated search system of print and online media. In the form of scanned pages, those results go to seasoned editors who cull unnecessary information from the product that is finally transmitted to clients. Keeping the Express service running on an accelerated schedule means the process has to be streamlined for speed. That's no small task.

BurrellesLuce's scanners pick up the newspapers as early as possible in 32 remote locations. The papers are scanned and sent into the BurrellesLuce facility, edited and sent on to the client. The goal for the Express service is to have client files available to them as early as 7:00 a.m., so saving time in the process is important.

CVISION Schedule of Coming Events to Include TAWPI, ARMA, AIIM Events

It's always a pleasure to see present and prospective customers at industry events. In the next few months, we hope you'll make it a point to visit us at the following events:

  • TAWPI 2005: July 24-27, 2005, Baltimore, MD - Booth #513
  • ARMA 2005: September 18-21, 2005, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL: - Booth #630

We're also pleased to announce that CVISION will be at the following AIIM Content Management Solution Seminars:

  • September 28, 2005-Washington, DC*
  • October 4, 2005-New York City, NY*
  • October 6, 2005-Boston, MA
  • October 26, 2005-Toronto, ON

*CVISION will be presenting a case study at these events illustrating the best practices-and pitfalls-of file capture, conversion, and compression to PDF.