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PdfCompressor is the first and only product to support the JBIG2 compression standard within the PDF file format. This technology allows users to create PDF documents up to 10x smaller than conventional PDFs, yet viewable in Adobe Acrobat Reader and compatible with all PDF applications. These CVISION-produced PDFs allow users to transmit ten pages in the time it formerly took to transfer a single page or deliver 10 CDs of data on a single CD. Tests prove the compressed PDFs have no perceptible loss of image clarity, even when magnified.

CVISION's CVista PdfCompressor 2.0 has some significant enhancements over the previous release, including:

  • Linearization to optimize web-based viewing so that documents fly open in the browser.
  • Enhanced compression of dithered halftone images, to greatly reduce file size, even for newspaper-style images.
  • Stream-based compression that preserves text, bookmarks, hyperlinks, etc.
  • RIP-optimization to speed up local printing by up to 30% and remote printing by up to 500%.

"CVISION has successfully leveraged its imaging technology to significantly enhance the performance of PDF documents in Web-based and dbase applications," says Ralph Cafiero, COO. "Since we’re 100% PDF compatible, clients can now enjoy all the advantages of much smaller file sizes without the need to use any proprietary software or modify their existing infrastructure.”

CVISION Technologies has released a white paper which describes this technology in detail. A side-by-side comparison of industry-standard TIFF G4 and TIFF-encoded PDF files with JBIG2 and JBIG2-encoded PDF files is available on the CVISION website.

The CVista product suite also allows clients the option to compress to CVISION’s proprietary format, CIF. The CIF format provides additional benefits including compression of up to 20:1 on captured images, fully searchable images with no increased file size, annotation, and redaction.

CVISION Technologies is an industry leader in developing intelligent digital media systems. Using its patent-pending technology, CVISION develops imaging software and solutions that simplify and enhance the distribution, management, and control of digital images and documents. CVISION is focused on innovative solutions that provide users of all levels with bandwidth optimization and instant access to high-resolution, multipurpose digital images and multimedia content.