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Logistics Services and Transportation Technology Company selects CVISION for PDF Compression Solution

CVISION Technologies Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced today that it will provide a logistics services and transportation technology company with an image compression solution. The company purchased PdfCompressor 5.0 with OCR to process up to 75,000 pages per month.

The company handled a large amount of invoices on a daily basis and required a solution that would allow them to process and retrieve invoices easily. The company wanted to be able to OCR and sort various incoming invoices and be able to sort them by client name in order to cross check and verify each invoice. Using CVISION’s PdfCompressor with OCR, the company was able to convert their invoices into highly efficient, compressed files with search capability. 

By compressing their invoices, the company was able to significantly reduce their retrieval time and free up storage space. Employees also had an easier time accessing the invoices and were able to cross check it with a client name because of the invoices’ decreased size.  Also, because of the OCR software the documents were all searchable, allowing for faster and easier access to information.
CVISION’s PdfCompressor is a document capture solution designed to maximize employee time by improving document accessibility. Featuring powerful batch processing capabilities and excellent operating speed, PdfCompressor has benefited many companies around the world. Chris Koulouris, Marketing Director at CVISION Technologies, stated, “Businesses that need to perform compression on their documents require the most reliable methods for doing so. PdfCompressor is a robust and versatile solution that can ensure efficient file size reduction in an automated environment.”