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PDF Compression Issues

  1. Uncompressed PDF files tend to be large, especially if they contain both text and images. They are cumbersome for emailing, web hosting, storing and viewing. To compress PDF documents is an efficient, viable alternative.
  2. Most PDF products offer little support for the user wanting to compress PDF files.
  3. Companies are not completely confident that compressed PDF files will maintain their original quality.
  4. PDF Compression Solution

    The new PdfCompressor 3.0 from CVISION Technologies offers the most dynamic innovation in color and bitonal compression…ever. PdfCompressor is leading the way with features that benefit you most.

    Now, you can enjoy file compression of 80x reduction of your color PDFs with ABSOLUTELY ZERO LOSS IN QUALITY. You can reduce a 3,600 KB color JPEG to a mere 43 KB color PDF, thanks to PdfCompressor's state-of-the-art conversion and compression capabilities.

    PdfCompressor 3.0's new features include:

    • Compress PDF color files 80x smaller than JPEG
    • Compress PDF bitonal files 10x smaller than TIFF G4 and standard PDF
    • Convert TIFF, PDF, JPEG into compressed PDF
    • Create text searchable PDF with OCR support
    • Web-optimize your PDF files for fast, Internet-based viewing
    • Dramatically reduce transmission time
    • Improve the image of captured PDF files
    • Date stamp, Bates stamp and watermark
    • Merge files to multipage compressed PDF
    • Make viewing PDF files quick and easy