Recent News and Events

Ari Gross will be guest speaking for the AIIM conference on Wednesday, May 17 at 4:30PM. Gross will be speaking on Automated Proofing of Doument Conversion Processes. Gross states that: "Coversion between file formats is routine in managing electronic documents. It is also hazardous, and can result in significant data loss. In this session, I will discuss the theory and practice of robust, reliable file conversion." Gross will first speak on the file conversion methods currently used in the industry; then he will conclude with how these methods and related software tools automatically check the accuracy of such file conversions.

"This will be the 5th year CVISION has exhibited at AIIM. In addition to obtaining our business goals, we strive to keep the essential personal connection with current and prospective clients. Exhibiting at AIIM only makes sense." - Ari Gross - President and CEO

Developing software to compress images and create compressed files has been CVISION Technolgies' mission since its inception in 1997. CVISION's compilation of products enables a variety of industries to build a complete scan-to-web PDF toolkit that saves time and money through efficient document and image management. From capture, compression. and image manipulation, to remote random-access viewing and printing, CVISION's products and services help you manage smarter, more functional image databases. CVISION's imaging software and solutions simplify and enhance the distribution, management and control of digital images and documents.

CVISION will be unveiling its newest product innovations and enhancements to its markets with live demonstrational events.

CVISION is focused on innovative technologies that provide users at all levels with money-saving solutions that enable faster access to high-resolution, multi-purpose digital images and multimedia content. CVISION's fast and powerful Internet solutions empower organizations to better manage their storage and Internet use, delivering captured images faster, and increasing productivity.

CVISION is the undisputed leader in image compression to PDF. After seven years of developing quality imaging solutions, CVISION sets the standard.