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CVista PdfCompressor Desktop Edition converts TIFF, PDF, and other file formats into PDFs that are up to 10x smaller, allowing for much faster transmission and downloading. These dramatically compressed files exhibit no perceptible loss of image quality, even when the pages are enlarged in a viewer.  PdfCompressor also offers highly accurate OCR, a powerful GUI, and 100% compatibility with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Canada's leading real estate services firm, Royal LePage, has already been making extensive use of PdfCompressor and realizing significant savings.  "By converting our files to compressed PDFs using PdfCompressor Desktop Edition, our users are able to upload and view their documents faster," says Lucas Gadouchis, Director of Business Solutions at Royal LePage.  "In addition, the compressed file sizes let us attach PDFs to emails without issue of email rejection due to file sizes."

"With this Desktop Edition, we've taken the technology used today by our over 100 customers and partners - including, banks, universities, law firms, government agencies, and airlines - and made an affordable version for lower volume users," says Steve Talmud, VP of Sales for CVISION.  "For the user who doesn't need to compress a directory of files at a time or a watched folder capability, this is a perfect solution.   We've taken our Professional Edition, which has proven itself in the most demanding imaging applications, and tailored it to fit within the means of small office and home office users."

CVista PdfCompressor Desktop Edition can be ordered at CVISION's website for immediate delivery via e-mail.