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CVISION Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced today that it would provide multiple divisions of a state court system a yearlong lease of Maestro Recognition Server to make their legal documents text-searchable.

CVISION’s Maestro features highly accurate optical character recognition to create text-searchable PDF files with a significant amount of PDF control. Maestro enables the divisions of the state court system significant ability to search through their documents, including the capacity to copy and paste text and search through documents using the ‘Ctrl + F’ function.

Prior to using CVISION’s Maestro, the state court system faced difficulty in finding keywords highlighted in their proceedings within their various documents. The process of finding keywords was tedious, as the court system’s employees had to read every page of every document noting every instance of the keyword. After leasing CVISION’s Maestro, they could simply use the ‘Ctrl + F’ function to take them to every instance the keyword they needed was mentioned.

CVISION’s Maestro enables the court system to search for keywords within their many documents within their folders and to search for keywords within their many documents within their entire network. Overall, CVISION provided the court system an affordable solution to enable them to search through their documents efficiently.