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CVISION Technologies, Inc. is the world leader in image compression, OCR, image recognition and PDF workflow solutions. CVISION enables companies to efficiently manage their documents. CVISION’s software converts documents into compressed, web-optimized and text-searchable PDF files.

CVISION creates the world’s most compressed PDF; color scans are compressed to 1/100 of their original size, and bitonal scans are compressed to 1/10 of their size. Compressed, searchable PDFs are easier to open, easier to transmit, and easier to store.

If you want more information, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At AIIM, CVISION will be demonstrating their entire product suite: 

CVista PdfCompressor 4.0:
PdfCompressor 4.0 includes breakthrough improvements in compression, OCR accuracy and speed. Version 4.0 supports multithreading, handwriting & barcode recognition, PDF/A for archiving, and is 64-bit, Vista compliant. 
DocArchiver converts documents into PDF/A for long-term archiving. With CVISION’s DocArchiver you can safely and securely convert all image and PDF source documents into PDF-archivable files. PDF files are easy to use, and universally viewable with Adobe’s free reader. By converting to PDF/A, your files are guaranteed to reliably open, view, and print exactly the same tomorrow, and decades from now.  
PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture:
Optimize Kofax Capture with PdfCompressor. Create files than are dramatically smaller and text-searchable with CVISION’s seamless solution for Kofax Capture. CVISION’s PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture provides color scanned files up to 100x smaller, and bitonal files up to 10x smaller.  
Image2PDF Compressor for Captiva InputAccel
Optimize Captiva InputAccel with a seamless add-on module. With Image2PDF Compressor for InputAccel, you can compress, Web-Optimize, OCR, stamp and encrypt all in one step.