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Automating Captured Document Processing:
Trends on Converting Paper Documents into Electronic Format

Join CVISION for a Free Online Webinar: Thursday, October 16, 2008

Many companies have taken positive steps towards creating a captured distribution workflow. Scanning documents can be helpful for accessing and organizing information, but it is only the first step in realizing a measurable ROI. Through document automation, data-entry cost, speed and accuracy can be improved. A document automation system can dramatically improve the organization, throughput, and expense associated with captured documents. This webinar will discuss the technology available for automating your document imaging workflow.

The webinar will discuss:
• Fully utilizing recognition technology: OCR, ICR, Form recognition
• Optimizing document capture
• Measurable benefits of document automation
• Best practices for document processing
• How automated document recognition & extraction can reduce costs and improve ROI 

Realize the benefits of automation with CVISION’s Trapeze
Trapeze is an intelligent document recognition solution for processing forms. It uses document recognition technology to process machine printed and handwritten text within scanned files. If you are currently handling business documents manually, or even semi-manually, you should look at what Trapeze can offer. Like other business process automation systems in your organization, Trapeze will provide improved control, faster processing time and reduced costs.

For more info, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call (866) 871-7340.

Trapeze offers the following solutions:

Automated Document Classification: Overcome manual sorting and classification in favor of an automated document classification & processing system.

Automated Forms Processing: With an automated forms processing system, organizations can reduce the costs associated with manual data entry processing, while improving document processing speed and accuracy.

Automated Invoice Processing: The cost of handling an invoice manually can vary by company and by invoice; however, industry estimates suggest the cost to process an invoice is as much as $40 - $50 per invoice. With an automated invoice processing system, your company’s per invoice cost & turnaround time will be dramatically reduced.

Automated Data-Entry: With a proper system in place, automatic data entry can improve efficiency while lowering the costs associated with manual data entry.

Mailroom Automation: An organized digital mailroom can produce efficient results for your entire company, while reducing the costs associated with manual document processing.