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How Smart Are Your Captured Documents?

Smart Captured Documents: OCR, Compression,
Web-Optimization, Metadata, PDF/A, & Document Automation

Join CVISION for a Free Online Webinar

Thursday, November 13, 2008
2:30 PM Eastern Time (GMT - 05:00)

Many companies have taken positive steps towards creating a captured distribution workflow. Scanned documents can be helpful for organizing information, but it is only the first step in realizing the benefits of a paperless office. Many end-users have realized scanned documents are not optimal for sharing, emailing, indexing or searching.

Document processing solutions can dramatically improve the organization, throughput, and efficiency associated with your document workflow. This webinar will discuss the technology available for improving the functionality of captured documents. Through PDF and image processing optimization, a scanned document can be as searchable as a Word document, while also being smaller in storage size for improved transmission and accessibility. Join us for an online webinar and learn how to turn a captured image into a “smart” captured document.

Topics include:
•How to create a “smart” captured document
•Recognition beyond OCR: Automating processes with ICR (handwriting), barcode, & form recognition
•Understanding the technology behind image compression & OCR
•Improving document workflows with image compression, metadata, and auto-indexing
•Utilizing batch multi-threading to increase your document processing throughput
•Archiving with PDF/A: Why it is critical for the long-term preservation of documents