Industry News
The American government is pushing for the electronic filing of medical bills. Given the multiple benefits that are derived from the transition to a paperless system, many individuals are excited. Not only does this quicken the process in pulling up medical histories, but since this is a nationwide transition, every hospital is guaranteed to be up to date on technology. This quicker process is much more reliable in keeping up with the speed of a hospital. With the copious amount of new patients coming in on a daily basis, aids have a limited amount of time in trying to obtain past medical documents, which may result in fatal consequences. With Optical Character recognition technology, all medical content via the electronic system will become searchable, cutting the amount of time it takes to locate patient information.

According to a think tank based in Washington, the stimulus package would maintain or create at least 212,105 jobs. IT technicians and those skilled in the technology field will have many more opportunities in improving technology such as optical character recognition. Now that the 99 weeks of unemployment benefit are no longer being offered, those that are out of their jobs are rallying the unemployment issue, making sure that their voices are heard. This stimulus package will help alleviate the burden of unemployment amongst some. Not only does this new plan, which includes optical character recognition technology, help cut back time, but it is enlarging jobs fields, and making the medical industry much more time efficient.