Equip Your Bank with CVISION Speed, Accuracy and Accessibility

Whether the document is a two-page account statement or a 500-page mortgage transaction, your bank must deliver accurate, near-instant records to clients and staff. That’s why major financial institutions around the world use CVISION for Check 21 and SEC-compliant digital media management.

The new millennium has brought a fresh onslaught of technical demands to bank document management:

  • Bank statements need to be imaged, stored and retrieved with optimal efficiency.
  • Documents can be archived with PDF/A
  • Scanned documents can be easier to manage, open, email, and search
  • Every external email and fax needs to be backed up offsite and made available on demand.
  • Check 21 information exchanges have to be fast and completely accurate.
  • Business customers need real-time backups of their corporate data.
  • Web-based banking can include everything from expediting individual transaction updates to viewing complex mortgage deals online.
  • Banking professionals like you depend on CVISION for PDF compression, precise scans and format conversions, fast document transmission, secure and simple access, and efficient storage.

CVISION may be your best option to move the information that drives your banking business.