News & Media

Control Time Critical Digital Media with Efficiency and Complete Document Fidelity

Businesses and individuals count on media services like yours to find and analyze the current "public pulse" regarding them. They expect you to monitor media at the speed of digital--and there are more media outlets than ever before.

Or, you yourself are the news source. In any case, you have to stay on top of the flow. You must:

  • Put entire publications online,
  • Keep digital documents fully text-searchable,
  • Utilize super-accurate OCR to fully analyze and index all the digital media that affects your clients,
  • Send digital media as email attatchments, or
  • Quickly create, compress and ship an attractive, text-searchable PDF to clients.

When time is critical, you need every possible advantage of digital media management. You need the best in OCR capture and conversion. horizontal and multi-directional OCR text capability. You'll experience accurate and verifiable digital conversions of color and black-and-white publications. And without degradation, CVISION brings you the compression capability to reduce the bandwidth you need by 5x-10x.

Follow the lead of digital media companies like BurrellesLuce and Argus der Presse, who make the most of their services with CVISION solutions.