Legal Document Management
Improve the way you handle legal documents through improved document capture efficiency. CVISION gives you the tools to automate your documents easily and accurately.

Specific Needs for the Legal Market

  • Processing a wide range of legal documents, including pleadings, applications, contracts, benefit enrollment forms, and correspondence
  • Large document volume
  • Fast, accurate search capabilities
  • Controlling the flow of numerous contracts, in paper and electronic form
  • Access to documents across a large network of offices
  • Long-term document archiving
  • Ability to expand and modify files over an extended case cycle
  • Records retention
  • Operational information management
  • Compliance with strict rules and regulations

Solutions and Products

Converting Scanned Documents into an Editable Format

CVISION products can quickly and accurately convert paper and image documents into an editable format:
  • Maestro Recognition Server
  • PdfCompressor

Creating Searchable Archives

CVISION offers a powerful solution that makes large volumes of files text-searchable, instantly:
  • Maestro Recognition Server

Form Processing and Document Automation

CVISION's advanced document automation solution allows you to process forms, invoices, and other structured documents automatically, identifying and extracting all relevant information:
  • Trapeze

Archiving Documents for Long-Term Storage

CVSION makes it easy to covert electronic documents into PDF/A format for long-term storage with easy access:
  • DocArchiver


  • Store information in a format that is easy to search and edit
  • Serve clients more effectively by providing faster, more comprehensive services
  • Minimize costs