Specific Needs for Legal Market

Document Organization

Legal professionals need to organize and track a large volume of documents that accumulate as a case develops. Correspondence, contracts, and data must be organized efficiently in order to standardize office procedures and ensure effective results. Because information received in a variety of digital and paper formats, it is necessary to convert all documents into a uniform file format that is universally accessible.

CVISION's PdfCompressor offers the capabilities needed to smoothly process files from many different sources. No matter what format a client uses for sharing scanned documents, PdfCompressor converts them into a convenient, text-searchable PDF file. Because the continuous influx of new information quickly leads to the file buildup, PdfCompressor can compress files by 10x-100x, leaving free disk space, and creating more efficient files to access, transmit, and share.

Worldwide Access

It becomes increasingly impossible to rely on a single office for access to crucial information. As law firms and businesses spread across the globe, it is necessary to be able to access documents anywhere. With PdfCompressor, documents become available from any location. PdfCompressor converts documents into PDF, so that they can be viewed from any computer with PDF-reading software. Compression results in smaller files that can be shared instantly. CVISION's solutions eliminate the miles of space between different offices, and even across countries.

Compliance with Corporate Record Retention Policies

In order to comply with strict standards for record retention, it is necessary to preserve a large number of old files. CVISION's DocArchiver ensures that a firm's documents are readily accessible years into the future, regardless of changes in software. DocArchiver converts files into PDF/A format, which is ideal for archiving. No matter how many documents you need to retain for future access, DocArchiver makes it possible.

Disaster Recovery

When dealing with paper documents, lack of organization and communication can easily result in information loss. This can result in a costly crisis, which is easily avoidable. CVISION enables you to back up your files in a format that is easily accessible to all employees, so that all information is preserved in the event of a disaster. Using CVISION's Maestro Recognition Server, you can convert all of your paper documents into a text-searchable, digital format. This saves hours of time in looking for the information that you need, and gives you the confidence of knowing that all of your valuable information is secure.

Client Billing

Law firms must be able to manage client billing easily and accurately. With numerous clients and cases, this process can easily become unnecessarily confusing. A document automation solution like CIVISION's Trapeze allows you to simplify the billing process, tracking all incoming documents and inputting information into a digital database. Trapeze is ideal for the processing of invoices and other standardized forms. Trapeze can classify incoming invoices as they are scanned, collect the data, and then validate it based on past information. This valuable tool allows you to save time and money.

Document Management

Law firms, corporate or in-house counsel, and government communicate largely through documents. While these communications are being increasingly converted into electronic formats, many documents continue to be paper-based. Lawyers need improved methods to handle this paper for more efficient document workflows and to reduce or eliminate storage requirements. CVISION's document management solution, allows you to use paper documents as efficiently as possible, extracting all important information, classifying it, and organizing it in an electronic system. CVISION provides a cost-effective, practical approach to managing paper and digital documents, even in complex and heterogeneous environments.