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CVISION Technologies will exhibit at the 2014 ARMA Conference & Expo in San Diego, CA.

CVISION Technologies Inc., a leading document capture software company, will be presenting at the 2014 ARMA Conference & Expo at Booth #1340.

The 59th Annual Conference & Expo will take place in the San Diego Convention Center from October 26 to October 28. ARMA 2014 will feature keynote speakers addressing the latest practices in information governance. The conference will also serve as an ideal forum for networking. Over 200 exhibitors will demonstrate the most innovative tools and technology in the profession. Attendees will be exposed to education sessions and have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with industry experts.

CVISION will showcase its solutions for automating conventional, outdated business processes while adhering to optimal records management practices. We provide software solutions utilized by a multitude of information governance professionals for automatic document classification, industry-leading OCR data extraction rates, and powerful file compression. CVISION’s tools seamlessly integrate with currently established business workflows as well as with leading records management solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint. CVISION’s solutions comply with GARP principles by offering:

• Powerful file compression and OCR technology for conversion to text-searchable documents for AVAILABILITY
• Any size volume PDF conversion (including PDF/A) to guarantee the INTEGRITY of vital documents
• Automated data extraction and classification for easy storage, location, and compliance with document RETENTION standards
• Auto-redaction for information PROTECTION and COMPLIANCE, thus ensuring security in your business environment

“We look forward to having another opportunity to exhibit at this year’s ARMA Conference & Expo” says Chris Koulouris, CVISION’s Director of Marketing. “Our products resonate well with this audience because we understand the challenges of companies still utilizing traditional document-based processes. Thus, we offer solutions to accelerate workflow while also providing a means to securely retain records and comply with GARP principles.”

Visit CVISION Technologies at Booth #1340 to learn more about the solutions available to help your organization company with GARP principles and enter into a raffle for a free Kindle!