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An Automated Alternative to Outsourcing Data Entry Work

Large corporations and businesses all over the world use outsourcing as a method of getting work done at a low price. Although allocating work to a third party is not a new idea, globalization and the development of technology has allowed offshore outsourcing to proliferate. Nations such as India, China, and the Philippines are popular outsource destinations due to low labor costs and sparse regulation.

Without a doubt, the primary reason businesses engage in outsourcing is to cut costs. According to Computer World UK, most businesses choose countries to outsource to based on the cost rather than the quality. It was also found that 94% of businesses admitted that their projects were more likely to fail because of their focus on cost alone. Although the work will be completed quickly and cheaply, the quality that comes from outsourcing is often questionable, requiring time and money to revise. The single largest area of work that is outsourced is IT-related, and data entry is not far behind. As businesses attempt to control internal cost, many have opted to outsource data entry work for a cheap solution. Instead of performing manual data entry or relying on offshore labor, some businesses are turning to automation software instead. Automation software can process and extract data automatically, saving valuable time and resources.

Outsourcing has always been a point of controversy in the American mindset. Some believe that it encourages business growth; while others point out that it deprives domestic workers of jobs. However outsourcing is not the only option businesses have when it comes to cutting cost. Automating data entry is an efficient solution that allows for maximum allocation of resources and employees. A large part of processing costs is incurred from paper usage and manual labor. Automation software eliminates the need for paper and reduces human involvement, for more effective and productive work.