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Automated Forms Eliminate Company Data Entry

Data entry has long been seen as the time-consuming, tedious, but necessary work that you will find in any office. It requires precision and careful attention to detail in a process that can take many hours of employees’ time. Data entry is necessary for many different purposes, including collecting information from forms, keeping financial records, and organizing any other business information. Accurate, efficient data entry is necessary in any business in order to provide clients with reliable service.

Fortunately, data entry is now a thing of the past. With new advancements in document automation technology, the need for data entry has been completely eliminated. All structured and semi-structured forms can now be processed automatically, and the information input directly into your database, without requiring hours of work from your employees. By automating the process, you can ensure that information does not get lost or fall through the cracks, and you can easily control how the information is processed. Recent advancements in document automation technology have resulted in such high accuracy that you never have to worry about incorrect or missing data.

The costs to not automating the data entry process are significant. In a recent KMWorld article, Michael Moon identifies the automation of business forms as the next trend in document efficiency. Research reveals that “automating forms-based information workflows and, in particular, the lifecycle of business forms represents billions of dollars of potential efficiency gains and hard-dollar cost savings.” Thus, it is quite clear that businesses stand to gain a great deal by eliminating manual data entry and replacing it with an automated solution.