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Optical Character Recognition technology is becoming one of the most prominent fixtures in every industry.  With its ability to make every document text searchable, its benefits are being recognized globally and welcomed in every office.  This has prompted many companies to aim for a paperless office in their efforts to help optimize the efficiency of their business. Since Optical Character Recognition technology has helped individuals catch up with a demanding office environment and lifted the burden from the employees that have to read through dozens of pages in minutes, many are praising the idea.

According to, “Many people who use computers — whether it's for their home or business — are moving toward a "paperless" office. Simply, they are tired and overwhelmed by scraps of paper, clunky old file folders, envelopes — and they want to reduce the clutter.” From self employed workers to large conglomerates, many are turning to the paperless route in order to ensure the organization of their files and reliability to find information in a quick and efficient manner. Going paperless has also helped the environment. Instead of using up resources such as paper and waiting days for the file to mail, files can be received instantly via email. In addition, important information can be found within seconds with Optical Character Recognition technology. For all the skeptics who balk at the idea of using technology to switch to a paperless office, a tax professional states, “Don't believe me? Take a look at how many messages are stored in your e-mail's in-basket. Now imagine how much paper would have been generated if they hadn't come to you from cyberspace.”