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Many governments have taken great strides in order to protect the environment.  In their efforts, many are transitioning their offices into a paperless setting. Since paper is used by the thousands per day in each department, many are looking for ways to conserve. This has prompted many to exchange paper files for electronic ones. states that “Recent government legislations in many countries already gave electronic documents the same legal recognition as their hard copies.” Singapore, is one of the governments that has taken an initiative. In 2008, the Singapore government introduced electronic invoices which allows suppliers to send their bills and payments electronically through their database. Many invoices able to be paid automatically online, ridding the company of late fees, making paying the bills easier than ever. 

In many companies, the billing department has taken special interest in the paperless setting.  Electronic payments are growing in their popularity and are actually preferred over paper payments around the world.  According to the research conducted by deutsche bank, “e-voices have passed the one billion mark in Europe. Since it is both efficient and offers a positive effect on the environment, many are quickly joining the bandwagon. calls the electronic invoice system “FAST, cheap, easy to use and environment-friendly.” In America, going paperless is always encouraged. From big universalities such as Cornell to large corporations such as JPMORGAN Chase, many are encouraging clients to join them on their race towards a greener future.