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Paperless Offices are quickly are on the rise. With the ability to hold onto more information without the need to compromise space, many individuals are becoming a fan of the efficient and green work environment. However, there are many individuals that are still unsure about the benefits of a paperless office. In many situations, documents with a high file size are rejected from servers because they exceed the attachment size limit. Not only is this detrimental to paperless offices because many of the files need to be sent electronically, but it allocates many employee hours towards splicing the file into enough documents that one is small enough to email, or printing them out and mailing the files, which defeats the purpose of a paperless office.

However, studies have shown that both time and individual effort is saved when using a file compressor. A file compressor minimizes the size, but not the content of each file within seconds, allowing you to upload them as attachments quickly. With this method, all your information is reliably sent. According to, “In large organizations, there is a need to store and record huge amount of data and for this, documentation management has to be strong enough to keep the records properly. Paperless solutions are a good way to manage the records and documents so that they can be utilized for future uses as well.” Huge paperwork would result in a huge file. However, with a file compressor, these files are easy to send, receive, and share. Office space is no longer an issue when all documents can be stored, and file size is no longer an issue when a file compressor software can shrink the documents.