Hi! DocArchiver was decommissioned in December 2015. All of the features described below can be achieved with PdfCompressor - Learn more here!

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Convert all PDF files to PDF/A for archiving - Give your documents the ease-of-use of electronic files and the reliability of paper & microfiche 

Why PDF/A?

PDF/A is the best format available for the preservation of your database documents. The PDF/A format is actually a valid PDF file, with some built-in features to guarantee that your documents will view and print correctly now, and forever. PDF/A is as reliable and secure as TIFF and microfiche, but also provides the ease of use, and accessibility of electronic documents. PDF/A is an ISO standard for long-term archiving of documents into PDF format. With CVISION’s DocArchiver you can safely and securely convert all image and PDF source documents into PDF-archivable files. Want your corporate documents to last forever? Convert to PDF/A!

Electronic Document Archiving

Electronic files transmit faster, copy with no expense, and are easy to search and access over the Web. But will an electronic file display and print years from now? Will your electronic files always look the same? Maybe certain required fonts are missing? Maybe the document does not display due to embedded JavaScript that cannot run on
your server?

Enter PDF/A - a file format with all the ease-of-use of an electronic file and the reliability of paper & microfiche. With PDF/A you can be secure in the knowledge that all your database documents will look identical years from now. You want a guarantee that your files will always open, view, and print the same– now, tomorrow, and forever. Search no
more. PDF/A is the answer!

DocArchiver: The PDF/A guarantee

CVISION DocArchiver is a server-based PDF/A production module for long-term archiving of database documents. Designed for archive users, corporate databases, and document management systems, DocArchiver enables the verification and correction of documents into PDF/A format according to ISO 19005-1. With DocArchiver, non-compliant PDF files can be converted into valid PDF/A documents with the touch of a button.

Trust is good, Control is better

A crucial factor in the ultimate success of any document archiving system is the ability to access the archived documents years later with no loss of information. DocArchiver is based on a set of tools that have been tested over the years. It has been selected by Adobe since 2003 for integration into Acrobat Professional as the “Preflight” function. This verification function, which guarantees the long-term accuracy of your corporate documents, is now available for use in CVISION’s DocArchiver. DocArchiver is tailored to server-based, PDF/A production. A clearly set out verification report indicates in seconds whether your PDF documents to be archived are PDF/A compliant or not. If documents are not PDF/A compliant, DocArchiver can automatically repair them. Why take chances with your corporate documents?

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